President Make-No-Mistake: We’re going to ‘decapacitate’ al-Qaida!/tobyharnden/status/289812173855813632

During his joint press conference today with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, President Obama managed to get himself a little tongue-tied:

Did POTUS just say we were going to “decapacitate” al Qaeda?

— Richard Morrison (@RichardMorrison) January 11, 2013

Why yes. Yes he did.

@michellemalkin – Obama invents a new word! “Decapacitate”. Like Decapitate, but with more letters!

— Jim Williams (@Hiraghm) January 11, 2013

@mazdaki @tobyharnden Decapacitate would cover giving them an ankle-sprain. Decapitate has no upper limit.

— Sam Schulman (@Sam_Schulman) January 11, 2013

To ‘decapacitate’ seems a lot longer and more involved than to simply ‘decapitate’

— paoןo (@PAOwowww) January 11, 2013

Arm capacitators. FIRE capacitators! MT @zekejmiller @tobyharnden: Obama: US aim in Afghanistan2 “decapacitate al-Qaeda” not “decapitate”

— Hesiod Theogeny (@Hesiod2k11) January 11, 2013


Decapacitate? #obamaFAIL

— Rob Addison (@ravgames) January 11, 2013

Sure is. Yet, shockingly, the lapdog media appears to have missed the whole thing. Wonder what’s up with that? They certainly didn’t slouch when it came to pointing out George W. Bush’s gaffes. Or Sarah Palin’s. What makes President Obama so special?

Smartest POTUS evah! MT @zekejmiller @tobyharnden Obama says US war aim in Afg was to “decapacitate al-Qaeda” – note, not “decapitate”

— votermom (D) (@votermom) January 11, 2013

Oh. Right.



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