This Dying Boy Probably Won’t See Next Winter. So His Mom Did Something Beautiful.

Mason Williams was born with a condition known as hypoplastic left-heart syndrome. He is only three years old, but he has already endured countless procedures. In order to live, he must have a dangerous heart operation and a lung transplant… but right now he isn’t well enough to undergo the surgery. His mother knew that his days could be numbered, so she wanted to give him a chance to fill him with joy. She created snow for him to play in!

When Mason saw the winter wonderland, he cried out with joy. The little boy was obviously ecstatic.

With the help of a few others, his mother Melodie Williams transformed her garden. Local companies donated to help make the effort come together.

“When he woke up and stepped out of the front door he was so shocked. He laughed and giggled as he touched the snow, he can’t speak but I knew he was loving his treat.”

Mason and Melodie live such a hard life, but they couldn’t feel anything but joy on this wonderful day.

Melodie doesn’t know if he will live to see a normal snowfall again, but she is thrilled he was able to spend one day in a joyful winter wonderland.


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